General Services

Kilner Computers has been operating for over ten years with a wide range of services rendered. If you have a IT-related problem we’re certainly able to help solve it for you.
Below we list some of the more common services we provide. All hardware is provided by retail partners.

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Kilner Computers has over ten years professional experience tackling a vast array of IT situations, domestic, commercial, and industrial. We've worked with international ecommerce retailers, traditional retailers, drilling companies, manufacturers and accounting firms regarding almost every IT problem conceivable. No matter what advice and support you need, we're happy to help.

See our commercial services page for details on the kinds of business support we can offer.

Software services

Virus, Spyware, Ransomware & Adware removal and protection
We have ample experience solving all manner of malware woes, from zero-day infections and ransomware threatening thousands of pounds worth of data, to annoying adware, and everything in between. We also keep a close eye on the state of the anti-malware industry, and ensure you have only the best protection.

Data recovery
If your hard disk fails we can almost certainly recover your data for you, replace it with a new disk, and have you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Backup solutions
We can provide a variety of backup systems to suit your needs, using local, networked, and cloud storage technolgies.

If your computer is running slowly it might just need a proverbial MOT. We can clean out unneeded software, optimise your running processes, boot-time, and take years of accumulated waste off your computers speed profile.

Encryption and password protection
If you need a better way to store your passwords than the fraying notepad, want to securely generate random and impossible to crack passwords, or want sensitive financial documents encrypted using the latest standards, we're able to help you.

Windows upgrades
There are still many individuals and businesses running older or even retired versions of Windows (Such as Windows XP or Vista), potentially leaving systems vulnerable to malware and other security intrusions. We can upgrade your operating system and configure your new environment to be just how you like it.

Linux services and consultancy
Linux is a free and powerful alternative to Microsoft Windows used by many business for a variety of purposes. If you need help setting up, configuring, or working with Linux we have over a decade of continuous experience to offer you.

Hardware upgrades

Storage upgrade or replacement
Running low on disk space? Need a faster hard drive or solid state drive? We can upgrade your disk storage for all needs.

Memory upgrade or replacement
Is your computer running too slowly? Low memory may be the culprit. We can determine if you need a memory upgrade and provide the best solution for you.

Monitor upgrade or replacement
Many people suffer from computer-related eye-strain issues, which can often be cured with a knowledgeable application of pixel-density, frame-rate, contrast and luminosity. Whatever your reason to upgrade we can help you choose the right solution and install it.

Whole desktop or laptop replacement
Want to send your old system off for retirement and start afresh? We can provide you a new system, cheaper than the high-street courtesy of our award-winning hardware partners, transfer all of your old data to your new system, set it up, and personalize it with you.

Internet & networking services

Internet service support
Whether you need help configuring or replacing your router, testing and improving internet speed, or just can't get a connection, we can help you out.

Wireless installation and support
Wireless networking can be temperamental when not configured correctly, perhaps you have a spotty signal, partial coverage, or encryption and protection concerns; no matter what we can solve your wireless woes.

Bespoke desktop computers

If you want your own bespoke desktop computer built from the frame up, we can do that for you. No matter your needs, from the very state of the art gaming computer, to a high-frequency data processing rig, and everything in between.


Whatever your level of skill and knowledge we can help you to improve it. From the simple to the complex, from start-menus to programming and everything in-between, we'll give you the tools you need to make sense of your device.