Commercial Services

Kilner Computers has over ten years professional experience tackling a vast array of IT situations, domestic, commercial, and industrial.

We've worked with international ecommerce retailers, traditional retailers, drilling companies, manufacturers and accounting firms regarding almost every IT problem conceivable.

No matter what advice and support you need, we're happy to help.

In addition to our general services, listed below is a selection of some of the business-specific services we can aid you with:
  • Web services
    • Domain managment
    • Server managment
    • Website managment
    • Website mobile optimisation
    • Email managment
    • Visitor behaviour & statistical analysis
    • Search engine optimization
    • eCommerce managment
    • Bulk email delivery

  • Networking
    • Large-scale wireless-LAN installation & managment
    • Large-scale ethernet installation & managment
    • Local data server managment
    • Internet redundency though mobile networks

  • Database services
    • Database managment
    • Database profiling & optimization
    • Data statistical analysis for correlation & trends

  • Team workflow solutions
    • Remote environments
    • Data sharing
    • Cooperative editing
    • Task managment
    • Project managment
    • Data & file revison solutions

  • Linux services
    • Linux server managment
    • Linux controller installation & managment
    • Linux tuition
    • Linux consultation

  • Programming services
    • C++ coding
    • Python coding